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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-07Affordances of Digital, Textile and Living Media for Designing and Learning Biology in K-12 Educationkafai, yasmin; Horn, Mike; Danish, Joshua; Humburg, Megan; Tu, Xintian; Davis, Bria; Georgen, Chris; Enyedy, Noel; Blikstein, Paulo; Clegg, Tamara; Byrne, Virginia L; Norooz, Leyla; kang, Seokbin; Froehlich, Jon; Walker, Justice Toshiba; Lui, Debora; Anderson, Emma; kafai, yasmin; Bumbacher, Engin; Washington, Peter; Riedel-Kruse, Ingmar
2019-06“Can’t Nobody Floss Like This!”: Exploring Embodied Science Learning in the Third SpaceGeorgen, Chris
2021-06Designing for Home-Based Science Learning: Infrastructuring Within New Openings and ConstraintsBeckert, Betsy; Stoler, Annabel; Georgen, Chris; Manz, Eve; Suárez, Enrique
2019-06Examining How Scientific Modeling Emerges Through Collective Embodied PlayTu, Xintian; Danish, Joshua; Georgen, Chris; Humburg, Megan; Davis, Bria; Enyedy, Noel
2017-07Exploring a Text-Mining Approach as Rapid Prototyping Tool for Formative Assessments in Inquiry-Based Online LearningAndrade, Alejandro; Georgen, Chris; Stucker, Michael
2020-06Extended Embodiment: Physical and Conceptual Tools in a Mixed-Reality Learning Environment as Supports for Young Learners’ Exploration of Science ConceptsTu, Xintian; Georgen, Chris; Danish, Joshua; Enyedy, Noel
2015-07From Lurking to Participatory Spectatorship: Understanding Affordances of the Dota 2 Noob StreamGeorgen, Chris; Duncan, Sean C.; Cook, Lucas
2021-06Interlocking Models as Sites of Modeling Practice and Conceptual InnovationGeorgen, Chris; Manz, Eve
2018-07Moving Forward: In Search of Synergy Across Diverse Views on the Role of Physical Movement in Design for STEM EducationAbrahamson, Dor; Andrade, Alejandro; Lindwall, Oskar; Bakker, Arthur; Nathan, Mitchell; Walkington, Candace A; Lindgren, Robb; Brown, David; Zohar, Asnat R.; Levy, Sharona T.; Danish, Joshua; Maltese, Adam; Enyedy, Noel; Humburg, Megan; Saleh, Asmalina; Dahn, Maggie; Lee, Christine; Tu, Xintian; Davis, Bria; Georgen, Chris
2021-06Playful Discourse Practices in Guided Play Learning EnvironmentsLee, Christine; Humburg, Megan; Georgen, Chris; Enyedy, Noel; Danish, Joshua
2018-07Using Multiple Embodied Representations to Support Learners in Making Connections Across Modeling ActivitiesGeorgen, Chris
2019-06Using Sentence Embeddings to Automatically Extract Cohesion and Alignment Metrics in Problem-Solving TasksAndrade, Alejandro; Georgen, Chris; Stucker, Michael