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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011-06Analyzing discourse synthesis - use of semantic information for collaborative writing in secondary educationDamsa, Crina; Erkens, Gijsbert; Janssen, Jeroen
2008-06Developing and applying design principles for knowledge creation practicesIlomäki, Liisa; Paavola, Sami; Richter, Christoph; Mørch, Anders; Kosonen, Kari; Lakkala, Minna; Andriessen, Jerry; Damsa, Crina; Pardijs, Mirjam; Sins, Patrick; Karlgren, Klas; ,; Dahlström, Anders; Ponzer, Sari
2018-07Formative feedback for learning. Case studies of automated feedback in undergraduate computer science educationMirmotahari, Omid; Damsa, Crina; Berg, Yngvar
2011-06Integrated tool support for learning through knowledge creationLudvigsen, Sten; Damsa, Crina; Muukkonen, Hanni
2011-06Learning Through Collaborative Creation of Knowledge Objects in Teacher EducationDamsa, Crina; Ludvigsen, Sten
2019-06Theorizing and Measuring Collective Productive Disciplinary EngagementCheng, Britte; Gresalfi, Melissa; Bell, Amanda; Brady, Corey; Vogelstein, Lauren; Damsa, Crina; Palonen, Tuire; Rogat, Toni; Traynor, Anne; Adeoye, Temitope; Gomoll, Andrea; Hmelo-Silver, Cindy; Hickey, Dan; Andrews, Christopher; Chartrand, Grant; Itow, Rebecca; Lundh, Patrik; Ludvigsen, Sten
2011-06Trialogical learning supported by Knowledge Practices EnvironmentPaavola, Sami; Bauters, Merja; Richter, Christoph; Damsa, Crina; Karlgren, Klas; Saarivesi, Eini; Toikka, Seppo; Lakkala, Minna; Muukkonen, Hanni; Ilomaki, Liisa