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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Designing for Connected Arts Learning Through Culturally Sustaining PracticesDahn, Maggie; Cawelti, Lora; Schindler, Emily; Peppler, Kylie
2023Expansive Lenses to Examine Interventions (of) Moving Across ContextsKumar, Vishesh; Fields, Deborah A.; Blikstein, Paulo; Peppler, Kylie; Dahn, Maggie; Ito, Mizuko; Braaten, Melissa; Hayden, Ronni; Roque, Ricarose; Chang, Michael Alan; Philip, Thomas M.; Worsley, Marcelo; Pinkard, Nichole
2024Exploring Impacts of Arts Education through Inductive Application of Rhetorical Structure TheoryCorrigan, Seth; Dahn, Maggie; Chew, Phebe; Trapp, Sara; DiGiacomo, Daniela; Mejias, Sam; Sefton-Green, Julian; Peppler, Kylie
2024Exploring Impacts of Arts Participation through Automated Inductive AnnotationCorrigan, Seth; Ojeda-Ramirez, Santiago; Dahn, Maggie; DiGiacomo, Daniela; Sefton-Green, Julian; Peppler, Kylie
2024Friendship as a Transformative Process: Cultivating Interest-Driven Connections, Community, and Perspective in the ArtsDahn, Maggie; Peppler, Kylie; Corrigan, Seth; Chew, Phebe; DiGiacomo, Daniela; Mejias, Sam; Nelligan, Pariece; Sefton-Green, Julian
2018-07How Teachers Use Instructional Improvisation to Organize Science Discourse and Learning in a Mixed Reality EnvironmentDahn, Maggie; Enyedy, Noel; Danish, Joshua
2020-06“I Start Getting Deeper”: Voice Development as Evidence of Learning Through Art MakingDahn, Maggie
2022“Keeping Them With Us”: Constructing Equitable Online Spaces for the Theatre ClassroomYankova, Nickolina; Dahn, Maggie; Peppler, Kylie; Lee, Jenny; Montgomery, Amber; Moser, Sonja; Sikkema, Scott
2021-06Learning to be Open: Expansive Family Networks and Emotional Support as Connection PathwaysDahn, Maggie; Yankova, Nickolina; Peppler, Kylie; Lee, Jenny; Montgomery, AmBer; Sikkema, Scott; Spilberg, Joseph
2023“Let’s Go; We’re Writing a Song”: Co-Creating Auditory and Placial Space in an Afterschool Music ProgramCawelti, Lora; Dahn, Maggie; Peppler, Kylie; Adesida, Olateju; Cuéllar, Noé; Sikkema, Scott; Livas, Michelle; Meryhew, Nick
2022Local-Global Maker-Places: Toward an Instrument for International Maker EducationKeune, Anna; Cain, Ryan; Dahn, Maggie; Kargin, Tolga; Thompson, Naomi
2018-07Moving Forward: In Search of Synergy Across Diverse Views on the Role of Physical Movement in Design for STEM EducationAbrahamson, Dor; Andrade, Alejandro; Lindwall, Oskar; Bakker, Arthur; Nathan, Mitchell; Walkington, Candace A; Lindgren, Robb; Brown, David; Zohar, Asnat R.; Levy, Sharona T.; Danish, Joshua; Maltese, Adam; Enyedy, Noel; Humburg, Megan; Saleh, Asmalina; Dahn, Maggie; Lee, Christine; Tu, Xintian; Davis, Bria; Georgen, Chris
2021-06“A Person with a Big Lengua”: Productive Callouts in Whole Class DiscussionsDahn, Maggie
2018-07Tracing Bodies Through Liminal Blends during Play-based Inquiry in a Mixed Reality EnvironmentKeifert, Danielle; Enyedy, Noel; Danish, Joshua; Lee, Christine; Dahn, Maggie; Lindberg, Lindsay
2020-06What Does Computer Science and Maker Education Look Like in 2030?Weintrop, David; Choi, Gi Woong; Maltese, Adam; Tissenbaum, Mike; Fofang, Janet Shufor Bih epse; Walton, Margaret; Walkoe, Janet; Scott, Jill; Jung, Yong Ju; Zimmerman, Heather Toomey; DeLiema, David; Dahn, Maggie; Kim, Soo Hyeon; Copeland, Andrea; Yang, Jing; Simpson, Amber; Knox, Peter; Kim, Jungsun; Chan, Monica; Holbert, Nathan; Flynn, Leslie; Kwon, Kyungbin; Ottenbreit-Leftwich, Anne; Brush, Thomas; Blikstein, Paulo