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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023Designing for and Characterizing Critical Navigation of Disciplinary Values in an Undergraduate Computational Biology CourseDabholkar, Sugat; Gouvea, Julia; Uricchio, Lawrence
2019-06Designing for ESM-Mediated Collaborative Science LearningDabholkar, Sugat; Wilensky, Uri
2023Designing Science Curricula That Disrupt Disciplinary Boundaries Towards Sociopolitical Change: A Middle School Life Science UnitDuncan, Ravit Golan; Krishnamoorthy, Rishi; Tan, Edna; Austin, Tasha; Reichsman, Frieda; Dabholkar, Sugat; Worsley, Ti'Era; Islam, Anhar; Smithen, Burrell; Joshi, Jaya; Asada, Megumi
2022Epistemic Games With Emergent Systems MicroworldsDabholkar, Sugat; Wilensky, Uri
2018-07GenEvo - An emergent systems microworld for model-based scientific inquiry in the context of genetics and evolutionDabholkar, Sugat; Anton, Gabriella; Wilensky, Uri
2022Guided Epistemic Expansion in a Science ClassroomDabholkar, Sugat; Danish, Joshua; Wilensky, Uri
2023Probing Beyond the Biology: Centering a Relational Ontology in Middle-School Science Modeling Towards Rightful PresenceKrishnamoorthy, Rishi; Tan, Edna; Duncan, Ravit Golan; Dabholkar, Sugat; Smithen, Burrell
2020-06Students’ Epistemic Connections Between Science Inquiry Practices and Disciplinary Ideas in a Computational Science UnitDabholkar, Sugat; Irgens, Golnaz Arastoopour; Horn, Michael; Wilensky, Uri
2024Tensions in Designing Technological Interactives in a Justice-Centered Middle School Biology Curricular UnitDabholkar, Sugat; Duncan, Ravit Golan; Reichsman, Frieda; Krishnamoorthy, Rishi; Tan, Edna; Smithen, Burrell; Joshi, Jaya
2022Tensions in Extending Visions for Social Change Through Educational Research in Indian ContextsDabholkar, Sugat; Date, Geetanjali; Dutta, Deborah
2019-06Using Participatory Design to Facilitate In-service Teacher Learning of Computational ThinkingKarumbaiah, Shamya; Dabholkar, Sugat; Shim, Jooeun; Yoon, Susan; Chandy, Betty; Ye, Andy