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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023Against “Both Sides” Argumentation: Resisting Dehumanization in Intellectual CommunityVea, Tanner; Curnow, Joe; Uttamchandani, Suraj; Scipio, Déana
2020-06All the Rage: Emotional Configurations of Anger as Feminist PoliticizationCurnow, Joe; Fernandes, Tresanne; Asher, Lila; Dunphy, Sinead
2014-06Becoming an Activist-Mathematician in an Age of AusterityEsmonde, Indigo; Curnow, Joe; Riviere, Dominique
2014-06Becoming an Activist: Learning the Politics and Performances of Youth Activism Through Legitimate Peripheral ParticipationCurnow, Joe
2016-07Becoming an “Expert”: Gendered Positioning, Praise, and Participation in an Activist CommunityCurnow, Joe; Chan, Jody R.
2021-06Distributed Argumentation for Politicization in an Activist CampaignCurnow, Joe
2021-06Emotional Configurations Across Learning EnvironmentsCurnow, Joe; Davidson, Shannon; Jaber, Lama Z.; Lanouette, Kathryn; Southerland, Sherry A.; Vea, Tanner; Bell, Philip; Uttamchandani, Suraj
2020-06Global Perspectives on Social Movement Collective Action as LearningCurnow, Joe; Jurow, Susan; Takeuchi, Miwa A.; Ishihara, Virgie Aquino; *, Meixi; Gallardo, Santiago Rincón; Elox, Miguel Morales; Meléndez, José W.; Pham, Josephine H.; Philip, Thomas; Tivaringe, Tafadzwa; Kirshner, Ben; Uttamchandani, Suraj
2018-07Politicization as Learning: Centring Racialization, Colonialism, and Gender in Learning Sciences AnalysisCurnow, Joe
2022-06Prefiguration as LearningCurnow, Joe; Uttamchandani, Suraj
2023Reimagining Learning Research in “canada” as “road Making”: Opportunities to Move Toward Equity Through Walking MethodologiesVadeboncoeur, Jennifer; Takeuchi, Miwa A.; Rahm, Jrène; Marin, Ananda; Curnow, Joe; Chowdhury, Anita; Kopparla, Mahati; Thraya, Sophia; Czuy, Kori; Halwany, Sarah El; Edino, Rachael; Marlow, Sophia; Turner, Kristal; Adams, Jennifer D.; Qureshi, Nadia; Schaffer, Kristen
2016-07Situated Learning, Situated Knowledge: Situating Racialization, Colonialism, and Patriarchy Within Communities of PracticeCurnow, Joe
2022Solidarity in Shifting Lines of Practice: Learning in the Weave of Social MovementsVea, Tanner; Curnow, Joe
2023“When We’re in Spaces Among People of Colour, Your Ideas Just Flow”: Politicized Trust and Educational Intimacy in Activist SpacesCurnow, Joe