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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022A Comparison of Refutational and Rhetorical Aspects in Science Arguments by Grade LevelCavera, Veronica L.; El-Moslimany, Hebbah; Duncan, Ravit Golan; Chinn, Clark A.
2023The Creation of an Epistemically Authentic Learning Environment: Making Space for Epistemic Practices in High School Science ClassroomsNoushad, Noora F.; Yoon, Susan A.; Richman, Thomas; Cottone, Amanda; Hussain-Abidi, Huma; Chinn, Clark A.
2022Cultivating Critical, Justice-Oriented Data Literacies in a Post-Truth WorldPolman, Joseph L.; Tabak, Iris; Tran, Trang C.; Amato, Anna; Silander, Megan; Matuk, Camillia; Beale, Jill; DesPortes, Kayla; Orfanos, Marilena; Tes, Marian; Vacca, Ralph; Woods, Peter J.; Pimentel, Daniel R.; Reigh, Emily; Lee, Victor R.; Brown, Bryan A.; Dubovi, Ilana; Radinsky, Josh; Greenberg, Day; Barton, Angela Calabrese; Herrenkohl, Leslie; Kyza, Eleni A.; Varda, Christiana; Rubin, Andee; Mann, Michelle; Sommer, Stephen; Graville, Cynthia; Yoon, Susan A.; Chinn, Clark A.; Cottone, Amanda M.; Richman, Thomas; Noushad, Noora; Hussain-Abidi, Huma; Wei, Xinyu; McBride, Cherise; Bakal, Michael; Roberto, Collette; Bhargava, Puneet; Wilkerson, Michelle; Philip, Thomas
2023The Debate Between Inquiry Learning and Direct Instruction: What Should Count as Evidence?Chinn, Clark A.; Hussain-Abidi, Huma; Kalu-Mamji, Hera; Hunkar, Kyle; Jhala, Riya
2022Detecting Cherry-Picked Evidence in Texts: Challenges for Undergraduate StudentsOura, Hiroki; Mochizuki, Toshio; Chinn, Clark A.; Winchester, Eowyn; Yamaguchi, Etsuji
2023Developing Undergraduate Students’ Competence in Reasoning About Bodies of EvidenceOura, Hiroki; Mochizuki, Toshio; Chinn, Clark A.; Yamaguchi, Etsuji
2023Digital Epistemic Scaffolds to Support Student Collaboration for the Integration of Evidence Across Multiple DocumentsO’Dwyer, Eowyn P.; Chinn, Clark A.; Mochizuki, Toshio; Myat Min Swe; Htay Min Khaung; Sekine, Seiji
2013-06Digital Evidence and Scaffolds in a Model-Based Inquiry Curriculum for Middle School ScienceRinehart, Ronald W.; Duncan, Ravit Golan; Chinn, Clark A.; Dianovsky, Michael
2023Epistemic Scaffolds to Promote Disagreement Identification and Resolution for Multiple Conflicting DocumentsMochizuki, Toshio; O’Dwyer, Eowyn P.; Chinn, Clark A.; Myat Min Swe; Htay Min Khaung; Sekine, Seiji
2023Examining the Effects of Teacher Instructional Approaches on Shifting Students’ Experiences Towards Epistemic Practices During Scientific ModelingCottone, Amanda M.; Yoon, Susan A.; Richman, Thomas; Chinn, Clark A.; Hussain-Abidi, Huma; Noushad, Noora F.
2014-06Exposing and Assessing Learners' Epistemic ThinkingRenken, Maggie; Chinn, Clark A.; Vargas, Penelope; Sandoval, William A.
2023Fostering the Collaborative Diagnosis of Cross-Domain Skills in Video-Based SimulationsPickal, Amadeus J.; Engelmann, Katharina; Chinn, Clark A.; Girwidz, Raimund; Neuhaus, Birgit J.; Wecker, Christof
2022Frameworks and Methodologies for Epistemic Growth in K-12 Science Classrooms to Address Post-Truth DiscourseYoon, Susan A.; Chinn, Clark A.; Noushad, Noora F.; Mochizuki, Toshio; Barzilai, Sarit; Mor-Hagani, Shiri; Abed, Fayez; Tal-Savir, Danna; Adah, Emily; Berland, Leema; Manz, Eve; Georgen, Christopher; Britt, M. Anne; McGee, Steven; McGee-Tekula, Randi; Rupp, Kathryn; Higgs, Karyn; Easley, Kathleen; Durik, Amanda M.; Leung, Jessica Shuk Ching; Av-Shalom, Na'ama Y.; Duncan, Ravit Golan; Danish, Joshua; Hmelo-Silver, Cindy E.; Murphy, Danielle; Stiso, Christina; Ryan, Zachary; Zhou, Jinzhi; Cottone, Amanda M.; Hussain-Abidi, Huma
2021-06Grasping Evidence with EDDiE: A CSCL Tool to Support Collaborative Reasoning about Disagreements in Multiple DocumentsMochizuk, Toshio; Chinn, Clark A.; Zimmerman, Randi M.; Myat Min Swe; Htay Min Khaung; Sekine, Seiji
2022High School Science Education in a “Post-Truth” Society: Confronting Confirmation Bias With Students and TeachersCottone, Amanda M.; Yoon, Susan A.; Chinn, Clark A.; Noushad, Noora F.; Hussain-Abidi, Huma
2022Historians’ Criteria for Appraising Historiography: An Interview StudyKainulainen, Mikko; Puurtinen, Marjaana; Chinn, Clark A.
2014-06How Good Is This Evidence? Students’ Epistemic Competence in Evidence EvaluationChinn, Clark A.; Hung, Leah C.-C.; Zimmerman, Randi M.; Duncan, Ravit Golan
2014-06The Interplay of Domain-Specific and Domain-General Factors in Scientific Reasoning and ArgumentationFischer, Frank; Wecker, Christof; Hetmanek, Andreas; Osborne, Jonathan; Chinn, Clark A.; Duncan, Ravit Golan; Rinhart, Ronald W.; Siler, Stephanie A.; Klahr, David; Sandoval, William A.
2022Mediating Students’ Scientific Argumentation to Support Model RevisionZhou, Jinzhi; Hmelo-Silver, Cindy E.; Danish, Joshua; Ryan, Zachary; Stiso, Christina; Gonzalez, Chris Cruz; Duncan, Ravit Golan; Chinn, Clark A.; Murphy, Danielle
2023Preparing Students for a “Post-Truth” World: The Epistemic Unfriendliness of Science CurriculaChinn, Clark A.; Kalu-Mamji, Hera; Boyle, Brydie