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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-06Advancing Technology Environments for Learning CommunitiesAmundrud, Anja; Smørdal, Ole; Zhang, Jianwei; Chen, Mei-Hwa; Kalir, Jeremiah; Chen, Bodong; Chang, Yu-Hui; Groos, David; Wiebe, Joel P.; Slotta, James D.; Hod, Yotam
2020-06Bridging Public Discourse and Knowledge Building Discourse in Science Classrooms with the IdeaMagnets ToolChen, Bodong; Chang, Yu-Hui; Groos, David
2020-06Can an Instructor and Students Build Collaborative Partnership in an Online Course?Ouyang, Fan; Chang, Yu-Hui; Scharber, Cassandra
2022Developing Computational Thinking via Knowledge BuildingHuang, Hsien-Sung; Chang, Yu-Hui; Hong, Huang-Yao
2019-06Development of Girls’ Interests and Identities in Computer Sciences Within an CSCL EnvironmentChang, Yu-Hui; Barksdale, Sarah; Peterson, Lana; Scharber, Cassie
2022Fostering TPACK via Idea Improvement in Teacher EducationSeet, Chih Hui; Chang, Yu-Hui; Hung, Guo-Tsai; Hong, Huang-Yao
2018-07Improving Elementary Students’ Literacy through Knowledge BuildingLin, Pei-Yi; Ma, Leanne; Chang, Yu-Hui; Hong, Huang-Yao; Lin, Chiu-Pin
2019-06An Innovative Social-Cognitive Engagement Network RepresentationOuyang, Fan; Chang, Yu-Hui
2018-07A Learning Sciences Perspective on the Development of Teachers’ Digital ThinkingChang, Yu-Hui
2019-06SciGirls Code: Computational Participation and Computer Science with Middle School GirlsScharber, Cassie; Peterson, Lana; Chang, Yu-Hui; Barksdale, Sarah; Sivaraj, Ramya; Constantine, Angelina; Englund, Jennifer
2011-06Students changing their conceptions of collaboration through computersupported knowledge buildingChang, Yu-Hui; Hong, Huang-Yao; Tsai, Pei-Chen; Wang, Po-Hsien