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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-06Identifying and Assessing Computational Thinking PracticesMartin, Wendy; Brennan, Karen; Tally, William; Cervantes, Francisco
2011-06Mind the gap: Differences between the aspirational and the actual in an online community of learnersBrennan, Karen
2021-06PK–12 Computing Teacher Interactions in an Online Professional Learning ExperienceHaduong, Paulina; Zenke, Carter; Eng, Jess; Brennan, Karen
2009-06Scratch-Ed: An online community for Scratch educatorsBrennan, Karen
2022-06Supporting Computational Fluency: Clowder, a New Scratch Project AnalyzerHaduong, Paulina; Brennan, Karen
2020-06Surfacing Teachers’ Aspirations and Decisions Through Digital Design JournalsPeters, Laura; Sadeh, Sam; Brennan, Karen
2020-06Talking in Pairs: Learning From and With Teachers Through Artifact-Based Dyadic InterviewsHaduong, Paulina; Brennan, Karen
2020-06Turning Bugs into Learning Opportunities: Understanding Debugging Processes, Perspectives, and PedagogiesKafai, Yasmin; Biswas, Gautam; Hutchins, Nicole; Snyder, Caitlin; Brennan, Karen; Haduong, Paulina; DesPortes, Kayla; Fong, Morgan; Flood, Virginia J.; Aalst, Oia Walker-van; DeLiema, David; Fields, Deborah; Gresalfi, Melissa; Brady, Corey; Steinberg, Selena; Knowe, Madison; Franklin, Diana; Coenraad, Merijke; Weintrop, David; Eatinger, Donna; Palmer, Jen; Wilkerson, Michelle; Roberto, Collette; Bulalacao, Nicole Marie; Danish, Joshua