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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-07Effects of Implicit Guidance on Contribution Quality in a Wiki-Based Learning EnvironmentHeimbuch, Sven; Bodemer, Daniel
2019-06Effects of the Need for Cognitive Closure and Guidance on Contribution Quality in Wiki-Based LearningHeimbuch, Sven; Bodemer, Daniel
2007-07Fostering Audience Design of Computer-Mediated Knowledge Communication by Knowledge MirroringDehler, Jessica; Bodemer, Daniel; Buder, and Juergen
2011-06Group Awareness Tools for Controversial CSCL Discussions: Dissociating Rating Effects and Visualized Feedback EffectsBuder, Jürgen; Bodemer, Daniel
2019-06Group Formation in the Digital Age: Relevant Characteristics, Their Diagnosis, and Combination for Productive CollaborationTsovaltzi, Dimitra; Weinberger, Armin; Schmitt, Lara; Bellhäuser, Henrik; Müller, Adrienne; Konert, Johannes; Röpke, René; gijlers, hannie; Eshuis, Elise; Eysink, Tessa; Erkens, Melanie; Manske, Sven; Hoppe, H. Ulrich; Bodemer, Daniel; Sankaranarayanan, Sreecharan; Dashti, Cameron; Bogart, Christopher; Wang, Xu; Sakr, Majd; Hilton, Michael; Rosé, Carolyn
2016-07How Socio-Cognitive Information Affects Individual Study DecisionsSchnaubert, Lenka; Bodemer, Daniel
2020-06How Students Weight Different Types of Group Awareness Attributes in Wiki Articles: A Mixed-Methods ApproachOllesch, Lisa; Heimbuch, Sven; Krajewski, Hannah; Weisenberger, Cora; Bodemer, Daniel
2013-06Information Cueing in Collaborative Multimedia LearningScholvien, Alexander; Bodemer, Daniel
2018-07The Interaction of the Need for Cognitive Closure With Implicit and Explicit Guidance in Wiki-Based LearningHeimbuch, Sven; Bodemer, Daniel
2018-07Interdependence as a Treatment Effect: An Example From Group Awareness ResearchSchnaubert, Lenka; Bodemer, Daniel
2008-06Knowledge convergence in CMC: The impact of convergence-related external representationsDehler, Jessica; Bodemer, Daniel; Buder, Jürgen
2011-06MUPEMURE: Towards a Model of Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning with Multiple RepresentationsBodemer, Daniel; Kapur, Manu; Molinari, Gaelle; Rummel, Nikol; Weinberger, Armin
2013-06Navigating through Controversial Online Discussions: The Influence of Visualized RatingsBuder, Jürgen; Schwind, Christina; Rudat, Anja; Bodemer, Daniel
2017-07On the Adoption of Social Network Analysis Methods in CSCL Research – A Network AnalysisDado, Marielle; Hecking, Tobias; Bodemer, Daniel; Hoppe, H. Ulrich
2020-06A Psychological Perspective on Data Processing in Cognitive Group Awareness ToolsSchnaubert, Lenka; Harbarth, Lydia; Bodemer, Daniel
2016-07Qualitative and Quantitative Information in Cognitive Group Awareness Tools: Impact on Collaborative LearningErkens, Melanie; Schlottbom, Patrick; Bodemer, Daniel
2009-06SCAN tools for collaborative learningBuder, Jürgen; Bodemer, Daniel; Dehler, Jessica; Engelmann, Tanja
2018-07Social and Cognitive Group Awareness to Aid Argumentation about Socially Acute Questions on Social MediaDado, Marielle; Bodemer, Daniel
2017-07Which Visualization Guides Learners Best? Impact of Available Partner- and Content-Related Information on Collaborative LearningErkens, Melanie; Bodemer, Daniel