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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006-06Examining the Fluctuation of Strategy Use during Learning with HypermediaMoos, Daniel; Azevedo, Roger
2006-06Exploring Differences Between Gifted and Grade-level Students’ Use of Self-regulatory Learning Processes with HypermediaGreene, Jeffrey; Moos, Daniel; Azevedo, Roger; Winters, Fielding
2006-06Help-seeking Behavior and Learning with HypermediaGodbole-Chaudhuri, Pragati; Winters, Fielding I.; Azevedo, Roger; Hofman, Neil
2004-06How Does Adaptive Scaffolding Facilitate High School Students’ Ability to Regulate Their Learning with Hypermedia?Azevedo, Roger
2023Identifying Transitions Between Self-Regulated Learning Operations During Game-Based LearningDever, Daryn A.; Sonnenfeld, Nathan; Wiedbusch, Megan D.; Azevedo, Roger
2006-06Is Externally-regulated Learning by a Human Tutor Effective in Facilitating Learning with Hypermedia?Azevedo, Roger; Greene, Jeffrey; Moos, Daniel; Winters, Fielding; Cromley, Jennifer; Godbole-Chaudhuri, Pragati
2010-06Qualitative, Quantitative, and Data Mining Methods for Analyzing Log Data to Characterize Students' Learning Strategies and BehaviorsBaker, Ryan; Gobert, Janice; Azevedo, Roger; Roll, Ido; van Joolingen, Wouter
2014-06A Study of Subjective Emotions, Self-Regulatory Processes, and Learning Gains: Are Pedagogical Agents Effective in Fostering Learning?Mudrick, Nicholas; Azevedo, Roger; Taub, Michelle; Begnagh, Reza Feyzi; Bouchet, François
2023What do Log-Files and Learning Outcomes Reveal about Developmental Differences in Self-Regulated Learning with Serious Games?Park, Saerok; Wiedbusch, Megan; Azevedo, Roger