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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-06Being in Touch With the Core of Social Interaction: Embodied Design for the NonverbalChen, Rachel; Ninh, Arianna; Yu, Betty; Abrahamson, Dor
2015-07Boundary Interactions: Resolving Interdisciplinary Collaboration Challenges Using Digitized Embodied PerformancesFlood, Virginia J.; Neff, Michael; Abrahamson, Dor
2018-07Bringing Static Code to Life: The Instructional Work of Animating Computer Programs With the BodyFlood, Virginia J; DeLiema, David; Abrahamson, Dor
2008-06The classroom as a complex adaptive system: an agent-based framework to investigate students’ emergent collective behaviorsBlikstein, Paulo; Abrahamson, Dor; Wilensky, Uri
2007-07Classroom Model, Model Classroom: Computer-Supported Methodology for Investigating Collaborative-Learning PedagogyAbrahamson, Dor; Blikstein, Paulo; Wilensky, and Uri
2012-07Embodied Artifacts and Conceptual PerformancesTrninic, Dragan; Abrahamson, Dor
2021Embodied Design for Mathematical Imagination and CognitionNathan, Mitchell J.; Williams-Pierce, Caro; Walkington, Candace; Abrahamson, Dor; Ottmar, Erin; Soto, Hortensia; Alibali, Martha W.
2018-07Enskilment in the Digital Age: The Interactional Work of Learning to DebugFlood, Virginia J; DeLiema, David; Harrer, Benedikt Walter; Abrahamson, Dor
2016-07Exposing Piaget’s Scheme: Empirical Evidence for the Ontogenesis of Coordination in Learning a Mathematical ConceptAbrahamson, Dor; Shayan, Shakila; Bakker, Arthur; van der Schaaf, Marieke F.
2014-06Gesture Enhancement of a Virtual Tutor via Investigating Human Tutor Discursive Strategies: Forms and Functions for ProportionsFlood, Virginia J.; Schneider, Alyse; Abrahamson, Dor
2022Graphing With Balance Board Math: Critical Embodied Design for Regulation and LearningTancredi, Sofia; Wang, Julia; Li, Helen Tong; Yao, Carissa Jiayuan; Ryokai, Kimiko; Abrahamson, Dor
2016-07The Interactional Work of Configuring a Mathematical Object in a Technology-Enabled Embodied Learning EnvironmentFlood, Virginia J.; Harrer, Benedikt W.; Abrahamson, Dor
2014-06Leveling Transparency via Situated Intermediary Learning Objectives (SILOs)Abrahamson, Dor; Chase, Kiera; Kumar, Vishesh; Jain, Rishika
2004-06Leveraging Epistemological Diversity through Computer-based Argumentation in the Domain of ProbabilityAbrahamson, Dor; Berland, Matthew W.; Shapiro, R. Benjamin; Unterman, Joshua W.; Wilensky, Uri J.
2016-07Metaphors Are Projected Constraints on Action: An Ecological Dynamics View on Learning Across the DisciplinesAbrahamson, Dor; Sánchez–García, Raúl; Smyth, Cliff
2018-07Moving Forward: In Search of Synergy Across Diverse Views on the Role of Physical Movement in Design for STEM EducationAbrahamson, Dor; Andrade, Alejandro; Lindwall, Oskar; Bakker, Arthur; Nathan, Mitchell; Walkington, Candace A; Lindgren, Robb; Brown, David; Zohar, Asnat R.; Levy, Sharona T.; Danish, Joshua; Maltese, Adam; Enyedy, Noel; Humburg, Megan; Saleh, Asmalina; Dahn, Maggie; Lee, Christine; Tu, Xintian; Davis, Bria; Georgen, Chris
2021-06Proof of Concept: Applying Recurrence Quantification Analysis to Model Fluency in a Math Embodied DesignTancredi, Sofia; Abdu, Rotem; Abrahamson, Dor; Balasubramaniam, Ramesh
2010-06A Tempest in a Teapot Is but a Drop in the Ocean: Action-Objects in Analogical Mathematical ReasoningAbrahamson, Dor
2011-06Virtual Mathematical Inquiry: Problem Solving at the Gestural — Symbolic Interface of Remote-Control Embodied-Interaction DesignTrninic, Dragan; Gutierrez, Jose; Abrahamson, Dor
2008-06Virtually There: Emerging Designs for STEM Teaching and Learning in Immersive Online 3D MicroworldsHarrell, Sneha Veeragoudar; Abrahamson, Dor; Morgado, Leonel; Esteves, Micaela; Valcke, Martin; Vansteenbrugge, Hendrik; Rosenbaum, Eric; Barab, Sasha