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2013-06Teacher Framing, Classroom Collaboration Scripts, and Help-Seeking and Help-Giving BehaviorsKyza, Eleni; Georgiou, Yiannis; Hadjichambi, Demetra; Hadjichambis, Andreas
2013-06Youth Roles and Leadership in an Online Creative CommunityRoque, Ricarose; Rusk, Natalie; Blanton, Amos
2013-06Learner-Support Agents for Collaborative Interaction: A Study on Affect and Communication ChannelsHayashi, Yugo
2013-06Designing for Group Math DiscourseMagee, Rachel M.; Mascaro, Christopher M.; Stahl, Gerry
2013-06An Adapted Group Psychotherapy Framework for Teaching and Learning About CSCLHod, Yotam; Ben-Zvi, Dani
2013-06Fostering Learning and Collaboration in a Scientific Community -Evidence from an Experiment Using RFID Devices to Measure Collaborative ProcessesEberle, Julia; Stegmann, Karsten; Lund, Kris; Barrat, Alain; Sailer, Michael; Fischer, Frank
2013-06MTClassroom and MTDashboard: Supporting Analysis of Teacher Attention in an Orchestrated Multi-Tabletop ClassroomMartinez-Maldonado, Roberto; Kay, Judy; Yacef, Kalina; Edbauer, Marie-Theresa; Dimitriadis, Yannis
2013-06Interface Tangibility and Gesture in Mediating Individual Agency Within Group Spatial Problem Solving with an Ecosystem SimulationKwah, Helen; Lyons, Leilah; Ching, Dixie; Eck, Adam; Soh, Leen-Kiat; Brassil, Chad
2013-06Designing to Improve Biology Understanding Complex Systems in High School Classrooms: No Simple Matter!Yoon, Susan; Klopfer, Eric; Sheldon, Josh; Schoenfeld, Ilana; Wendel, Daniel; Wang, Joyce; Scheintaub, Hal; Reider, David
2013-06Scripting and Orchestration: Recent Theoretical AdvancesFischer, Frank; Slotta, Jim; Dillenbourg, Pierre; Tchounikine, Pierre; Kollar, Ingo; Wecker, Christof; Stegmann, Karsten; Chinn, Clark
2013-06Identification of Patterns of Tool Use and Sketching Practices in a Learning By Design TaskThompson, Kate; Ashe, David; Wardak, Dewa; Yeoman, Pippa; Parisio, Martin
2013-06Experts Learn More (than Newcomers): An Exploratory Study of Argumentation in an Online Help ForumTeo, Jie; Johri, Aditya
2013-06Real-Time Collaboration for Web-Based Labsde la Torre, Luis; Heradio, Ruben; Dormido, Sebastian; Jara, Carlos
2013-06Incentives in Educational Games: A Multilevel Analysis of Their Impact on Elementary Students' Engagement and LearningFilsecker, Michael; Hickey, Daniel Thomas
2013-06Constructing and Deconstructing Materially-Anchored Conceptual Blends in an Augmented Reality Collaborative Learning EnvironmentEnyedy, Noel; Danish, Joshua; DeLiema, David
2013-06The Sequential Analysis, Modeling and Visualization of Collaborative Causal Mapping Processes and Effects on Causal UnderstandingJeong, Allan; Lee, Woon Jee
2013-06Influence of Epistemological Beliefs and Goal Orientation on Learning Performance in CSCLXie, Kui; Huang, Kun
2013-06Using Automated and Fine-Grained Analysis of Pronoun Use as Indicators of Progress in an Online Collaborative ProjectThompson, Kate; Kennedy-Clark, Shannon; Kelly, Nick; Wheeler, Penny
2013-06Phases of Design: Following Idea Development and Patterns of Collaborative Discussion in a Learning By Design ProjectThompson, Kate; Ashe, David; Yeoman, Pippa; Parisio, Martin
2013-06Epistemic Trajectories: Mentoring in a Game Design PracticumNash, Padraig; Shaffer, David Williamson
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 228