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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-06Leveraging Educative Approaches to STEM Disciplinary and Instructional PracticesBell, Philip; Chowning, Jeanne; Klein, Elaine; McGowan, Veronica; Peterman, Tana; Wingert, Kerri; Arias, Anna Maria; Davis, Elizabeth A.; Palincsar, Annemarie S.; Luehmann, April
2014-06Educational Games in the Classroom: Design-Based Research and Methods for Classroom MediationPhillips, Rachel S.; Horstman, Theresa; Smith, Carmen Petrick; Ballweber, Christy; Preszler, Noelle Conforti; Vye, Nancy; Bransford, John
2014-06Productive Disciplinary Engagement: Examining Negotiation of Group Activity with Multiple FrameworksGilbuena, Debra; Makela, Marja-Liisa; Iiskala, Tuike; Volet, Simone; Nolen, Susan Bobbitt; Koretsky, Milo; Vauras, Marja
2014-06Talk as a Window into Collaborative Lesson Design: Designing a Common Rubric in an Elementary School Work CircleGomez, Kimberley; Mancevice, Nicole; Lee, Ung-Sang; Cunningham, Jahneille
2014-06Social, Motivational and Affective Dimensions of Learning through Social InteractionAsterhan, Christa S. C.; Clarke, Sherice N.
2014-06Klauer's Inductive Reasoning Training as a Cognitive Apprenticeship Approach for Special-Needs StudentsBaumeister, Antonia E. E.; Rindermann, Heiner
2014-06Multimedia Educative Curriculum Materials: Designing Digital Supports for Learning to Teach Scientific ArgumentationLoper, Suzanna; McNeill, Katherine L.; Peck, Raphaela; Price, Jeremy; Barber, Jacqueline
2014-06Hands-on Small Group versus Whole Class Use of an Interactive Simulation: Qualitative ComparisonsStephens, A. Lynn; Clement, John J.
2014-06Framing Sociocultural Interactions to Design Equitable Learning EnvironmentsJensen, Bryant
2014-06Examining Teacher Assignments and Student Work at the Intersection of Content and Practice in Middle School ScienceCheng, Britte Haugan; Fritts, Jeremy; Leones, Tiffany; Gong, Bowyee