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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-07Time and Semantic Similarity – What is the Best Alternative to Capture Implicit Links in CSCL Conversations?Gutu, Gabriel; Dascalu, Mihai; Rebedea, Traian; Trausan-Matu, Stefan
2017-07Videoconferencing in Peer Review: Exploring Differences in Efficiency and OutcomesPier, Elizabeth L.; Raclaw, Joshua; Ford, Cecilia E.; Kaatz, Anna; Carnes, Molly; Nathan, Mitchell J.
2017-07Articulating Uncertainty Attribution as Part of Critical Epistemic Practice of Scientific ArgumentationLee, Hee-Sun; Pallant, Amy; Pryputniewicz, Sarah; Lord, Trudi
2017-07Learning Biology Coherently Through Complex Systems, Scientific Practices, and Agent-Based SimulationsPark, Miyoung; Anderson, Emma; Yoon, Susan
2017-07Collaborative Learning on Multi-Touch Interfaces: Scaffolding Elementary School StudentsSchmitt, Lara Johanna; Weinberger, Armin
2017-07A Mixed-Methods Approach for Studying Collaborative Learning Processes at Individual and Group LevelsDornfeld, Catherine; Zhao, Naxin; Puntambekar, Sadhana
2017-07Collective Knowledge Advancement and Conceptual Understanding of Complex Scientific Concepts in the Jigsaw InstructionOshima, Jun; Ohsaki, Ayano; Yamada, Yuki; Oshima, Ritsuko
2017-07Building Arguments Together or Alone? Using Learning Analytics to Study the Collaborative Construction of Argument DiagramsChounta, Irene-Angelica; McLaren, Bruce M.; Harrell, Maralee
2017-07Children’s Participation in Rulemaking to Mitigate Process Problems in CSCLJung, Yong Ju; Toprani, Dhvani; Yan, Shulong; Borge, Marcela
2017-07A Preliminary Study of University Students’ Collaborative Learning Behavior Patterns in the Context of Online Argumentation Learning Activities: The Role of Idea-Centered Collaborative Argumentation InstructionWu, Ying-Tien; Wang, Li-Jen; Cheng, Teng-Yao