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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-07Validating a Model for Assessing Teacher’s Adaptive Expertise With Computer Supported Complex Systems Curricula and Its Relationship to Student Learning OutcomesYoon, Susan A.; Koehler-Yom, Jessica; Anderson, Emma; Evans, Chad
2013-06Variation in Other-Regulation and the Implications for Competence NegotiationAdams-Wiggins, Karlyn R.; Rogat, Toni Kempler
2014-06Varied Appropriation of Tools from Professional Development: Moving Beyond LevelsChung, Huy Q.; van Es, Elizabeth A.
2017-07Videoconferencing in Peer Review: Exploring Differences in Efficiency and OutcomesPier, Elizabeth L.; Raclaw, Joshua; Ford, Cecilia E.; Kaatz, Anna; Carnes, Molly; Nathan, Mitchell J.
2016-07Visual Augmentation of Deictic Gestures in MOOC VideosSharma, Kshitij; D'Angelo, Sarah; Gergle, Darren; Dillenbourg, Pierre
2013-06Visualization and Elaboration of Students' Group Reading ProcessesSullivan, Sarah A.; Puntambekar, Sadhana
2013-06Visualizing and Analyzing Productive Structures and Patterns in Online Communities Using Multilevel Social Network AnalysisTeo, Jie; Johri, Aditya; Mitra, Raktim
2013-06Visualizing Live Collaboration in the Classroom with AMOEBABerland, Matthew; Smith, Carmen Petrick; Davis, Don
2014-06Visualizing Three-Dimensional Spatial Relationships in Virtual and Physical Astronomy EnvironmentsUdomprasert, Patricia; Goodman, Alyssa A.; Sadler, Philip; Lotridge, Erin; Jackson, Jonathan; Constantin, Ana- Maria; Zhang, Zhihui Helen; Sunbury, Susan; Dussault, Mary
2013-06Visualizing Topics, Time, and Grades in Online Class DiscussionsMing, Norma C.; Ming, Vivienne L.
2014-06“We should all help each other”: Latina undergraduates’ practices and identities in the figured world of computingThiry, Heather; Hug, Sarah
2016-07What Are Crosscutting Concepts in Science? Four Metaphorical PerspectivesRivet, Ann E.; Weiser, Gary; Lyu, Xiaoxin; Li, Yi; Rojas-Perilla, Diego
2016-07What Do Learning Scientists Do? A Survey of the ISLS MembershipYoon, Susan A.; Hmelo-Silver, Cindy E.
2014-06What Do They Do?: Tracing Students’ Patterns of Interactions within a Game-Based Intelligent Tutoring SystemSnow, Erica L.; Jackson, G. Tanner; McNamara, Danielle S.
2014-06What Does "Doing" Science Mean in the Elementary School Classroom? Bruno Latour, Inscriptional Transformations, and a New Look at Children’s Interactions with PhenomenaLanouette, Kathryn; Berson, Eric; Metz, Kathleen E.
2016-07What Happens to the Innovation When Project Funding Ends? Learning Architecture Matters!Law, Nancy; Liang, Leming; Lee, Yeung
2014-06“What in the world?” Animated Worlds in Multivariable Modeling with Motion Chart Graph ArgumentsKahn, Jennifer
2014-06What Is and Who Can Do Science? Supporting Practice-Linked Identities in Science for Racially/Ethnically Underrepresented YouthVisintainer, Tammie
2015-07What Kind of World Do You Want to Live In? Positive Interdependence and Collaborative Processes in the Tangible Tabletop Land-Use Planning Game YoutopiaWise, Alyssa Friend; Antle, Alissa Nicole; Warren, Jillian; May, Aaron; Fan, Min; Macaranas, Anna
2014-06What’s Happening in the "Quantified Self" Movement?Lee, Victor R.