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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-06The Radix Endeavor: Designing a Massively Multiplayer Online Game around Collaborative Problem Solving in STEMClarke--Midura, Jody; Rosenheck, Louisa; Haas, Jason; Klopfer, Eric
2014-06Re-grow Your City: A NetLogo Curriculum Unit on Regional DevelopmentHjorth, Arthur; Wilensky, Uri
2015-07‘Re-mediating’ LearningJona, Kemi; Penney, Lauren; Stevens, Reed
2014-06Re-Placing the Body in Children's LearningTaylor, Katie Headrick; Hall, Rogers; Y., Jasmine; Marin, Ananda; Phillips, Nathan
2014-06Reactivation of Multimodal Representations and Perceptual Simulations for Meaningful Learning: A Comparison of Direct Embodiment, Surrogate Embodiment, and Imagined EmbodimentKhan, Saadia A.; Black, John B.
2013-06Real-Time Collaboration for Web-Based Labsde la Torre, Luis; Heradio, Ruben; Dormido, Sebastian; Jara, Carlos
2016-07Real-Time Visualization of Student Activities to Support Classroom OrchestrationTissenbaum, Mike; Matuk, Camillia; Berland, Matthew; Lyons, Leila; Cocco, Felipe; Linn, Marcia; Plass, Jan L.; Hajny, Nik; Olsen, Al; Schwendimann, Beat; Boroujeni, Mina Shirvani; Slotta, James D.; Vitale, Jonathan; Gerard, Libby; Dillenbourg, Pierre
2016-07Realizing Research-Practice Connections: Three Cases From the Learning SciencesMcKenney, Susan; van Aalst, Jan; Forbes, Cory
2014-06Recasting the Textbook: Student Creation of Interactive Digital History Texts with Primary Source DocumentsZielezinski, Molly B.; Franz, Paul
2013-06Reciprocity in Student Online DiscussionsShen, Shitian; Kim, Jihie; Yoo, Jaebong
2014-06Redefining Engagement and Participation: The Co-Construction of Student Learning PracticesGoldin, Simona; O'Neill, Michaela Krug; Naik, Shweta
2014-06Reel Science: Identity Development through FilmmakingChaffee, Rachel
2014-06Reflecting on Educational Game Design Principles via Empirical MethodsJimenez, Osvaldo
2017-07Reflections on Pair E-Crafting: High School Students’ Approaches to Collaboration in Electronic Textiles ProjectsLitts, Breanne K.; Lui, Debora A.; Widman, Sari A.; Walker, Justice T.; Kafai, Yasmin B.
2014-06Reflective Decision Making within the Discourse of Urban Elementary Engineering ClassroomsWright, Christopher G.; Wendell, Kristen B.; Paugh, Patricia
2017-07Reflective Structuration of Knowledge Building Practices in Grade 5 Science: A Two-Year Design-Based ResearchTao, Dan; Zhang, Jianwei; Gao, Dandan
2013-06Reflectively Prototyping a Tool for Exchanging IdeasMatuk, Camillia; McElhaney, Kevin; Miller, David; Chen, Jennifer King; Lim--Breitbart, Jonathan; Terashima, Hiroki; Kwan, Geoffrey; Linn, Marcia
2014-06Reimagining Cultural Forms, Ethnographic Methods and Researcher Responsibilities in Studying Engineering and Science Learning: Honoring and Building on the Work of Margaret EisenhartBuxton, Cory; Tonso, Karen L.; Carlone, Heidi; Johnson, Angela; Rahm, Jrène
2013-06Relationships between Listening and Speaking in Online Discussions: An Empirical InvestigationWise, Alyssa Friend; Hausknecht, Simone Nicole; Zhao, Yuting
2014-06Representational Competence and Spatial Thinking in STEMStieff, Mike; Lira, Matthew; DeSutter, Dane