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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-06Make to Relate: Narratives Of, and As, Community PracticeDixon, Colin; Martin, Lee
2017-07Maker Portfolios as Learning and Community-Building Tools Inside and Outside MakerspacesKeune, Anna; Peppler, Kylie
2017-07Making a Difference: Analytics for Quality Knowledge-Building Conversationsde Jong, Frank; van den Ende, Joan; van Heijst, Hennie; Matsuzawa, Yoshiaki; Kirschner, Paul; Zhang, Jianwei; Chen, Mei-Hwa; Chen, Feng; Rosé, Carolyn; Godinez, Erick Velazquez; Ratté, Sylvie; Chen, Bodong; Chan, Carol; van Aalst, Jan; Yang, Christine; Oshima, Jun; Hmelo-Silver, Cindy; Wise, Alyssa
2013-06Making Collective Progress Visible for Sustained Knowledge BuildingChen, Mei-Hwa; Zhang, Jianwei; Lee, Jiyeon
2017-07Making Engagement Visible: The Use of Mondrian Transcripts in a MuseumShapiro, Ben Rydal; Hall, Rogers
2013-06Making Math Learning Social and Familial: The Promise and Problems of Mobile DevicesJimnez, Osvaldo; Goldman, Shelley; Hedrick, Ben; Blair, Kristen Pilner; Pea, Roy
2014-06Making Mathematical Meaning through Robot Enactment of Mathematical ConstructsSutherland, Scot; White, Tobin; Huang, Jason; Cheng, Harry
2016-07Making Sense of Making Waves: Co-constructing Knowledge and Group Understanding Without Conceptual ConvergenceHardy, Lisa; White, Tobin
2017-07Making the Invisible Visible: A New Method for Capturing Student Development in MakerspacesDavis, Richard Lee; Schneider, Bertrand; Blikstein, Paulo
2014-06Making the Most Out of It: Maximizing Learners’ Benefits from Expert, Peer and Automated Feedback across DomainsWichmann, Astrid; McNamara, Danielle S.; Bolzer, Markus; Strijbos, Jan-Willem; Fischer, Frank; Leiba, Moshe; Funk, Alexandra; Rummel, Nikol; Ronen, Michaela; Peters, Olaf; Narciss, Susanne; Körndle, Hermann; Roscoe, Rod D.; Varner, Laura K.; Snow, Erica L.; Quintana, Chris
2013-06Making Use of Collective Knowledge -A Cognitive ApproachCress, Ulrike
2016-07Managing Threats to Teacher Face in Discussions of Video-Recorded LessonsVedder-Weiss, Dana; Segal, Aliza; Lefstein, Adam
2014-06‘Mangling’ Science Instruction: Creating Resistances to Support the Development of Practices and Content KnowledgeManz, Eve
2014-06Mapping the Distribution of Children’s Digital Media Practices: Methodological Innovations and ChallengesStevens, Reed; Taylor, Katie Headrick; Takeuchi, Lori; Hayes, Elisabeth; Siyahhan, Sinem; Barron, Brigid; Levinson, Amber; Zarate, Rosalia Chavez; Martin, Caitlin Kennedy; Lee, June H.; Wartella, Ellen; Lauricella, Alexis R.; Penuel, William R.
2013-06Mass Collaboration -An Emerging Field for CSCL ResearchCress, Ulrike
2015-07Materiality of Online Students’ Peer-Review Activities in Higher EducationCerratto-Pargman, Teresa; Knutsson, Ola; Karlström, Petter
2016-07Mathematical Argumentation and Proof Supporting a Complex Cognitive SkillSommerhoff, Daniel; Ufer, Stefan; Kollar, Ingo
2014-06Mathematical Tasks as Boundary Objects in Design-Based Implementation ResearchJohnson, Raymond; Severance, Samuel; Leary, Heather; Miller, Susan
2016-07Mauá Project: Citizenship and Environment Educational as Pathway to Critical Thinking and Students' Empowermentda Silva, Glauco S. F.; Barcellos, Marcília E.; de Souza, Elisabeth G.
2015-07Maximizing Benefit of Peer-Feedback to Increase Feedback Uptake in Academic WritingWichmann, Astrid; Funk, Alexandra L.; Rummel, Nikol