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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-07“I Think We Were Pretty Powerful This Summer as Scientists”: Generating New Possibilities for Youth of Color in ScienceVisintainer, Tammie
2014-06I Want to be a Game Designer or Scientist: Connected Learning and Developing Identities with Urban, African-American YouthAhn, June; Subramaniam, Mega; Bonsignore, Elizabeth; Pellicone, Anthony; Waugh, Amanda; Yip, Jason
2013-06Idea Development in Multi--Touch and Paper--Based Collaborative Problem SolvingMercier, Emma; Vourloumi, Georgia; Higgins, Steven
2016-07Idea Identification and Analysis (I2A): A Search for Sustainable Promising Ideas Within Knowledge-Building DiscourseLee, Vwen Yen Alwyn; Tan, Seng Chee; Chee, Joon Kit Kelvin
2013-06Identification of Patterns of Tool Use and Sketching Practices in a Learning By Design TaskThompson, Kate; Ashe, David; Wardak, Dewa; Yeoman, Pippa; Parisio, Martin
2014-06Identifying Affordances of 3D Printed Tangible Models for Understanding Core Biological ConceptsDavenport, Jodi L.; Silberglitt, Matt; Boxerman, Jonathan; Olson, Arthur J.
2014-06Identifying and Assessing Computational Thinking PracticesMartin, Wendy; Brennan, Karen; Tally, William; Cervantes, Francisco
2013-06Identifying Gender Differences in CSCL Chat ConversationsChiru, Costin-Gabriel; Rebedea, Traian; Trausan-Matu, Stefan
2014-06Identifying Transfer of Inquiry Skills across Physical Science Simulations using Educational Data MiningPedro, Michael Sao; Jiang, Yang; Paquette, Luc; Baker, Ryan S.; Gobert, Janice
2014-06Identity, Digital Learning Environments and Academic SuccessPrudent, Mirlanda E.
2015-07Immersive Simulation on Collaborative Learning about a Complex Dynamic SystemKe, Fengfeng; Carafano, Peter
2014-06The Impact of a Social Robot’s Attributions for Success and Failure in a Teachable Agent FrameworkMuldner, Kasia; Girotto, Victor; Lozano, Cecil; Burleson, Winslow; Walker, Erin A.
2013-06The Impact of CSCL Beyond the Online EnvironmentClarke, Sherice N.; Chen, Gaowei; Stainton, Catherine; Katz, Sandra; Greeno, James G.; Resnick, Lauren B.; Dyke, Gregory; Howley, Iris; Adamson, David; Ros, Carolyn Penstein
2017-07The Impact of Peer Tutors’ Use of Indirect Feedback and InstructionsMadaio, Michael; Cassell, Justine; Ogan, Amy
2014-06The Impact of Principle-Based Reasoning on Hands-on, Project-Based LearningWorsley, Marcelo; Blikstein, Paulo
2014-06The Impact of Text Genre on Science Interest in an Authentic Science Learning EnvironmentMcGee, Steven; Durik, Amanda M.; Pastor, Dena Ann
2015-07Impacts on Student Understanding of Scientific Practices and Crosscutting Themes through an NGSS–Designed Computer-Supported Curriculum and Instruction ProjectYoon, Susan A.; Koehler-Yom, Jessica; Anderson, Emma; Oztok, Murat; Klopfer, Eric; Schoenfeld, Ilana; Wendel, Daniel; Sheldon, Josh; Scheintaub, Hal
2014-06Implementation Model for Developing Training Measures to Foster Values in an OrganizationNiedermeier, Sandra; Mandl, Heinz
2013-06Improving Academic Essays by Writing and Reading Peer Annotations on Source DocumentsSuzuki, Satoshi V.; Suzuki, Hiroaki
2014-06Improving Online Collaboration by Fostering Norm-Oriented Content Based Knowledge AwarenessKozlov, Michail D.; Engelmann, Tanja; Kolodziej, Richard; Clariana, Roy B.