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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-07Anchor Code: Modularity as Evidence for Conceptual Learning and Computational Practices of Students Using a Code-First EnvironmentWagh, Aditi; Levy, Sharona; Horn, Michael; Guo, Yu; Brady, Corey; Wilensky, Uri
2017-07Anchored Annotation to Support Collaborative Knowledge ConstructionPlevinski, Justin; Weible, Jennifer; DeSchryver, Michael
2013-06AppleTree: An Assessment--Oriented Framework for Collaboration and ArgumentationChen, Wenli; Looi, Chee--Kit; Wen, Yun; Xie, Wenting
2013-06An Approach for Supporting Hybrid Learning Communities: The Case of a Regional Parent CommunityStrickroth, Sven; Pinkwart, Niels
2017-07Appropriating a Climate Science Discourse About Uncertainty in Online LessonsWright, Kenneth; Pallant, Amy; Lee, Hee-Sun
2013-06Are CSCL and Learning Sciences Research Relevant to Large-Scale Educational Reform?Law, Nancy; Miyake, Naomi; Looi, Chee-Kit; Vuorikari, Riina; Punie, Yves; Linn, Marcia
2014-06“Are You ‘In’ or Are You ‘Out’?” Investigating the Factors Affecting Immersion in a Location-Based AR Game for IBSEGeorgiou, Yiannis; Kyza, Eleni A.
2015-07Artefacts Mediating Practices across Time and Space: Sociocultural Studies of Material Conditions for Learning and RememberingHakkarainen, Kai; Ligorio, Beatrice; Ritella, Giuseppe; Arnseth, Hans Christian; Gil, Alfredo Jornet; Krange, Ingeborg; Fauville, Géraldine; Lantz-Andersson, Annika; Säljö, Roger; Lundin, Mona; Mäkitalo, Åsa; Lehtinen, Erno
2017-07Articulating Uncertainty Attribution as Part of Critical Epistemic Practice of Scientific ArgumentationLee, Hee-Sun; Pallant, Amy; Pryputniewicz, Sarah; Lord, Trudi
2015-07Assessing Collaborative Problem Solving with Simulation Based TasksHao, Jiangang; Liu, Lei; von Davier, Alina; Kyllonen, Patrick
2017-07Assessing Student Generated Infographics for Scaffolding Learning With Multiple RepresentationsGebre, Engida
2013-06Assessing the Participants in CSCL Chat ConversationsChiru, Costin--Gabriel; Rebedea, Traian; Trausan--Matu, Stefan
2015-07Assessing Young Children’s Cognition through Multi-Modal InterviewsSaleh, Asmalina; Danish, Joshua A.; Enyedy, Noel; Lee, Christine
2014-06Assessment Analytics in CSCL: Activity Theory Based MethodXing, Wanli; Wadholm, Robert R.; Goggins, Sean
2015-07Assessment and Collaborative Inquiry: A Review of Assessment-Based Interventions in Technology-Enhanced K-14 EducationYang, Yuqin; van Aalst, Jan
2015-07AutBlocks: Using Collaborative Learning to Develop Joint Attention Skills for Children with Autism Spectrum DisorderBoyle, Bryan; Arnedillo-Sanchez, Inmaculada; Zahid, Aejaz
2014-06Authenticity Matters: Youth and Science Participation in Design-Based Learning EnvironmentsTierney, Gavin; Scipio, Déana
2013-06Automated and Adaptive Support for Educational Discussions: Results to Guide in Making This a RealityScheuer, Oliver; Mclaren, Bruce M.; Weinberger, Armin
2014-06Automatic Coding of Questioning Patterns in Knowledge Building DiscourseMu, Jin; van Aalst, Jan; Chan, Carol K. K.; Fu, Ella
2014-06Becoming a Computer Scientist: Early Results of a Near-Peer and Social Justice Program with Latino/a ChildrenDenner, Jill; Martinez, Jacob; Thiry, Heather