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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-06iSocial Demo: A 3D Collaborative Virtual Learning EnvironmentLaffey, James M.; Stichter, Janine; Babiuch, Ryan; Griffin, Joe; Galyen, Krista
2013-06The MOOC as Distributed Intelligence: Dimensions of a Framework & Evaluation of MOOCsGrover, Shuchi; Franz, Paul; Schneider, Emily; Pea, Roy
2013-06Understanding Participation and Persistence in Online Peer--To--Peer LearningWebster, Sarah; Alam, Alisha; Ahn, June; Butler, Brian S.
2013-06Can We Increase Students' Motivation to Learn Science by Means of Web--Based Collaborative Inquiry?Raes, Annelies; Schellens, Tammy
2013-06Design Methods to Study Learning Across Networked Systems, Co--Located Spaces, and TimeMartin, Caitlin K.; Barron, Brigid; Mertl, Vronique
2013-06Transforming the Learning Difficulties to Teaching MomentsKim, Mi Song; Ye, Xiaoxuan
2013-06Is There Evidence for Expertise on Collaboration and if so, is it Domain--Specific or Domain--General?Kiesewetter, Jan; Fischer, Martin R.; Fischer, Frank
2013-06Intensification of Group Knowledge Exchange with Academically Productive Talk AgentsAdamson, David; Ashe, Colin; Jang, Hyeju; Yaron, David; Ros, Carolyn P.
2013-06A Multidimensional Dialogic Framework in Support of Collaborative Creativity in Computer ProgrammingFerreira, Deller James; Wegerif, Rupert
2013-06DUET 2013: Dual Eye Tracking in CSCLJermann, Patrick; Gergle, Darren; Bednarik, Roman; Dillenbourg, Pierre
2013-06The Benefits and Limitations of Distributing a Tangible Interface in a ClassroomCuendet, Sbastien; Dillenbourg, Pierre
2013-06Designing for Group Math DiscourseMagee, Rachel M.; Mascaro, Christopher M.; Stahl, Gerry
2013-06An Adapted Group Psychotherapy Framework for Teaching and Learning About CSCLHod, Yotam; Ben-Zvi, Dani
2013-06Learning About Ecosystems Through Collaborative Augmented Reality ExperiencesKamarainen, Amy M.; Metcalf, Shari; Grotzer, Tina; Dede, Chris
2013-06Understanding the Life of an Online Community through AnalyticsModak, Rucha; Vashaw, Shawn
2013-06CyberSTEM: Making Discovery Visible Through Digital GamesSquire, Kurt; Halverson, Rich; Kasemodel, Craig; Shapiro, R. Benjamin; Gaydos, Matthew; Owen, V. Elizabeth; Beall, Mike; Paiz--Ramirez, Dennis
2013-06Fostering Learning and Collaboration in a Scientific Community -Evidence from an Experiment Using RFID Devices to Measure Collaborative ProcessesEberle, Julia; Stegmann, Karsten; Lund, Kris; Barrat, Alain; Sailer, Michael; Fischer, Frank
2013-06The Influence of Training in Argumentation on Students' Individual Learning OutcomesGressick, Julia; Derry, Sharon J.
2013-06Demo of Collaborative Dynamic Mathematics in Virtual Math TeamsStahl, Gerry; Mantoan, Anthony; Weimar, Stephen
2013-06The Contagious Effect of Dialogism with New TechnologiesSlakmon, Benzi; Schwarz, Baruch B.